Wild Earth Visit

Wild Earth Visit
Posted on 11/01/2017
Hello Intermediate School Parents!
Thank you to those of you who attended our Halloween parade and parties today.  It is always great to see you and your presence in our school means a lot to the students.   We had a great time today and all the staff was impressed with the creativity shown in many of the costumes.

On Thursday, November 2, during recess for all grades in both the Intermediate and Junior High School, Wild Earth staff will be on site sharing with us a variety of hands on fun activities for the students.  

Wild Earth leads transformative nature immersion experiences that cultivate character, confidence, passion and perseverance in New York’s youth.

You can learn more about Wild Earth by going to their website, which is wildearth.org

We are hoping that Thursday's visit will be so successful that students will be asking for more, at which point we will look at other ways to bring this great organization back again.   Please check with you son or daughter afterwards to hear what they thought of the day!