Sixth Grade Welcome Back Letter with Supply List

Sixth Grade Welcome Back Letter with Supply List
Posted on 07/15/2018
booksHello Sixth Graders,

Please find the welcome back letter below along with the supply list for the upcoming school year. I hope you are having a really good summer and I look forward to seeing you on our orientation night, August 28. Please call me at the Intermediate School if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Mr. Lee Cutler


July 12, 2018

Dear Sixth Grade Ganders,  

It is hard to believe but you will be the “seniors” of our Intermediate School come September. Being the “leaders” of the building means that you will have new opportunities and along with that will come more responsibilities. We will talk about what this all means when you get here. For now though, we hope you are enjoying your summer. Right now, we are busy putting together what we know will be a memorable and enjoyable year of learning. Sixth grade is very different than previous grades, mostly because you will have different teachers for your academic subjects. We do this so your teachers can focus on one subject in depth and also to prepare you for that type of schedule in the future. 

Because there are so many new things to get used to in sixth grade, we will be holding an orientation night on Tuesday, August 28th from 5 to 7 here at the Intermediate School. This will be for parents and students both and will be an opportunity for you to learn more about sixth grade, to meet your teachers, and to re-connect with friends. This is the first time we are offering a 6th grade orientation meeting and it came about because last year’s sixth grade parents and students felt it would be a helpful addition. We hope you can all attend. 

We are working on 6th grade schedules over the next few weeks so you will be receiving another letter in mid to late August letting you know your homeroom teacher, who will also be your Period 1 teacher. Our plan right now is to have a draft of your actual schedule available on August 28 so you can become familiar with where your classes will be held. 

Sixth grade also means that you will have a new guidance counselor and the guidance counselor you are assigned to will be the same guidance counselor you will work with in seventh and eighth grade. Your guidance counselor will be determined based on where your last name falls in the alphabet. Those students whose last names start with letters from the beginning of the alphabet will have Ms. Nanette Simione  and students whose last names start with letters from the end of the alphabet will have Mr. Peter Costello. Until we see how many “K’s” and “L’s” we have upon final registration, we will not be able to officially determine the cut off for each but this should give most of you a general idea of where you land.

Right now we are preparing special events for this year, which will include another Fall Festival in October and we have secured Wild Earth to be at recess on Mondays both in the fall and spring. We will hold elections for PTSA Representatives early in September and I plan on visiting all your classes sometime in September to hear from you other ideas for improving our school community.      

The sixth grade teachers have put together a list of school supplies that all 6th graders will need in September. We do this now so that you and your parents can get the best sales and avoid the late August school supply frenzy. You will notice that the last item on the list are earbuds or earphones since you will all be utilizing iPads in classes again this year. 

You will need:

soft pencil pouch (no boxes, will be too difficult to transport)

pencils (plain #2 pencils)

colored pencils

eraser caps/eraser

hand held pencil sharpener

4 packs of lined loose leaf paper that will need replenishment throughout the year

2 marble composition books

1 pack of dividers

3.5 mm plug earbuds or earphones (to stay in school)

Subject Binders

Math: 1” Blue

ELA:  1” Red

Social Studies:     1” Black


 Green 1” Binder

Composition Book

Pack of Dividers just for Science

½ Inch White Binder for homework folder and planner

*Individual teacher may require additional supplies during the school year.

If you or your parents want to speak with me over the summer, you can call me at 687-2400 extension 4601.   The entire school district is closed on Fridays and I will be off on vacation August 2 – 10.  Otherwise, my door is always open to hear your concerns and ideas.  

So being that it is only July 12th, there is still a lot of summer left!    From all of us here at the Intermediate School, have a wonderful rest of summer and we will see you on August 28th!!


Mr. Lee Cutler (687-2400, Ext. 4601)