5th and 6th Grade Chorus and Band Sign Up!
Posted on 07/26/2018
This is the image for the news article titled 5th and 6th Grade Chorus and Band Sign Up!Attention all 5th and 6th Graders!

We welcome brand new Music Teacher Ms. Imogen Mills who will be joining our staff this school year.  She will be directing our 5th and 6th Grade Chorus.  

This year only students who choose to be in Chorus will be in Chorus, but you must complete and return a simple sign-up sheet which was sent home last week.    Please return these to the Intermediate Office no later than AUGUST 17th and for those students who love music, we are confident that you will fully enjoy singing your hearts out with our new talented Chorus teacher.

5th GRADE:
-5th Graders must SIGN UP for chorus in order to be in chorus this year.  
-All 5th graders will have General Music as part of their special rotation during the school day.  This will fulfill your music requirement.   You do not need to sign up for anything if you are not going to be in Chorus.   
***5th grade students already in band DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP IF YOU PLAN ON CONTINUING IN BAND THIS SCHOOL YEAR.  Students on the waiting list for band should see Mr. Schoonmaker the first week of school to check on their status.

6th GRADE:
6th Graders must choose one of the following to fulfill their music credit (and those in band may choose both Band and Chorus on the sign up sheet):
                     1.  General Music (A, C Days, 9th Per.)
                     2.  Chorus  (B, D Days, 9th Per.)
                     3.  Band (only for those already in band)
                          (A, C Days. 9th Per.)

All sixth graders must turn in the music sign up sheet that was mailed out no later than August 17.

*** New this year!   Students in Band may also join our Chorus both in 5th and 6th Grade, but you need to sign up by August 17.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Mr. Cutler at the Intermediate School Office (687-2400, Extension 4601)