Halloween Parade and Class Parties

Halloweeen Parade and Class Parties 2018
Posted on 10/05/2018
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HALLOWEEN FESTIVITIES – Intermediate School October 31, 2018!!


Dear Intermediate School Parent,

       The Halloween Costume Parade has been a tradition at the Rondout Valley Intermediate School for many years.   This year Halloween falls on a Wednesday, and weather permitting we will hold this event again.   Details are below.  We want to make this a fun experience for students and families and on this day, we open our school to parents.   Safety is always our first concern, so I ask you to read the following procedures carefully so we can all enjoy a smooth, really fun day!

  • COSTUME RULES:  Students may wear their own costumes in the parade.  Extra props attached to a costume ARE NOT ALLOWED.  Wearing a costume is optional.  We also ask that students do not wear excessively gory costumes and MASKS ARE NOT ALLOWED.


    • Adults wearing any type of costume mask, face paint, etc. will not be allowed in the school.

    • Adults should stand outside the fenced area of the track to watch the parade.  Students will walk with their classes and will be arriving on the field at 12:15.

    • After the parade is over, adults will be allowed into the building. Two sign in tables at each double door in front will open up once all the students have entered the building after the parade.   REMEMBER TO BRING A PHOTO ID; otherwise, we cannot allow you in the building to attend the class parties.  For those of you who wish to sign your son or daughter out of school after the party, you may do so in the classroom.

  • HEALTHY SNACKS:   In accordance with the District Wellness Policy, I am asking that all party treats be as healthy as possible. 
  • CLASS PARTIES:  Classroom teachers may have activities planned; please wait to hear from your child or their teacher about specifics.  
  • RAIN PROCEDURES:   We will all be sad if it rains.   In case of rain, the parade will still go on, but it will be held in the building itself.  Please understand that parents will not be able to come into the building to see the parade itself due to safety concerns.   Parents will still be welcome, however, at class parties right after the parade and at approximately 12:40, the sign in tables will open in front of the building for parents. 



**If any one has extra costumes to donate to those who do not it is greatly appreciated.  Please contact Ms. Maranucci (Ext 4704) if you would like to donate one.


Again, I ask parents to be mindful of the basic safety rules and procedures we have put in place for this event.   Please contact me here at the Intermediate School if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you on Halloween. 





Lee Cutler





Summary of Schedule for Halloween


  • Good Weather:
    • 12:15 – Parade at High School Track; Parents and families should arrive early to secure a good spot outside the fenced area.  We will make two rounds around the track.
    • 12:40 (approx.) – Adults and families can sign into the building for class parties at outdoor tables.  Photo ID required.
    • 1:15 – Parents may sign students out at this point if they choose.
    • 1:30 – Regular School Schedule Resumes


  • Bad Weather:  L
    • 12:15 -  Parade Held in school through hallways.  No visitors allowed.
    • 12:40 -  Adults and families can sign into the building for class parties at table.  Photo ID required
    • 1:15 – Parents may sign students out at this point if they choose.
    • 1:30 – Regular School Schedule Resumes