Posted on 01/20/2019
gaga pitMr. Lee Cutler played GAGA as a kid at summer camp and one day this summer, he had a vision:  "If we build it, they will play."   And when an anonymous parent donor approached Ms. Lora Kishel  to ask what our school needed,  attention immediately turned to "Recess," a very important time of day for our middle school students.  So thanks to that generous donation from an anonymous parent, a grant from the Rondout Valley Education Foundation, and the volunteer efforts of some parents, our GAGA pit was built and was finally completed by early January.  

GAGA, which means "touch, touch" in Hebrew, is an exciting but more peaceful version of dodge ball that originated in Israel and is becoming increasingly popular in schools and recreation centers across this country.    It is active, fast moving and inclusive.  Our pit fits 50 players at a time and already is a favorite of our Intermediate and Junior High School Students. 

After just four days, it is obvious that GAGA is a true community building game; while a bit competitive, players quickly forget about the competition and just have fun. Students of all sizes and athletic abilities can excel in GAGA, making it an inclusive game that brings people together. You can learn more about GAGA at this site: 

You can also Google "GAGA Game" to see videos and images of how it is played and what it is all about.

Our GAGA pit is spectacular and includes built in benches on the sides.   In fact, as far as we know,  no other school in the area has a GAGA pit.   We hope to start at trend.

Special thanks to the parents who contributed to this effort:
Lora Kishel - organizer
Jason  Jagodzinski  - builder and designer
Jeff Powell - builder and designer
And special thanks to Randy Hornbeck who donated all the gravel.

Once the snow falls, our GAGA pit will not be used until it thaws, but with Spring right around the corner, we predict that GAGA will become part of our school culture and will provide a lot of fun for our students in grades 4 through 8.

gaga pit
 gaga pit
 gaga pit  gaga pit
 gaga pit  gaga pit
 gaga pit